Real bells and Belltron linear motors

Date: March 18, 2014

Elisha Roig is a young and talented photographer attracted by the local traditions found in the wide variety of scenes of everyday life in his hometown, Valencia. His photos called "Rhythm in the Sky" offer shots of traditional rope pulled bells. Belltron would like to dedicate some special attention to this photographer and dedicate this  article to him in view of his art work as it focuses on the traditional bell and shows how Belltron is first and foremost involved in this field too.

Elisha Roig is capable of making us feel part of his photographic experience by communicating images that can also make you feel the beat of the local people!

Unfortunately, the sound of rope pulled bells can only be heard in certain occasions lately and so,  
in order to give voice to the sky, Belltron covers today’s needs for bell sounds through its silent, safe and free of maintenance linear motors.  

The Belltron electromagnetic induction linear motor allows you to maintain the tradition of local bell sounds, and rope play the bells too. The electro-magnetic induction motor runs just as if the bells are being played by hand. The first timid strokes announce the beginning of the bell ringing after which the system activates a gentle braking procedure of the bell and, without any sudden movements, brings the bell to a soft halt. The bell is free to swing without friction as there are no moving mechanical parts (gears, chains, clutches, etc.) and can be rope played too.

For those who wish to maintain the chain driven bell systems, Belltron offers a solution by using their digital controlled rotating motors.

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