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Belltron is an international leader in the design and manufacture of digital audio, voice, sound and music systems for the special needs of places of worship. It is well known and used all over the world and is present in more than 15,000 churches and hundreds of cathedrals.

The history of the trademark unfolds through countless projects. Advanced technology created, designed and realised in its own factory with meticulous workmanship and attention to detail. The equipment is designed specifically for the needs of the most demanding priests. The result is a product that meets with individual requirements and excels in the world.


For our company, doing business means an added value for all:

  • From the executives who transmit their passion for Belltron to the employees who work in a serene atmosphere creating new projects.
  • From retailers who continue to choose the Belltron trademark as a symbol of quality, to priests who feel the need to offer more services to the congregation.

Working with great attention to quality and reliability of the product, offer solutions that meet the needs of everyone in the long term, are the core values of the company.


Belltron designs, manufactures and markets systems for digital bells, motors for real bells with electronic control, audio and voice broadcasting systems, liturgical players, mobile systems for processions and many other products to improve the sound quality and aesthetics of church installations and facilitate the duties of the clergy. High quality products and great flexibility, technologically advanced and at the same time easy to use. A considerable advantage both for the installer and for the final user.


Belltron invests resources and energy in research, design and development of new technologies that represent the highest level of innovation in the industry and continues to challenge new areas illuminated with imagination and originality maintaining a spirit of creative research. It aims to improve the synergy between tradition and innovation creating products that meet the needs of church, getting a clear sound over to those who listen to the spoken word by faithfully reproducing the timbre of bells, create high intelligibility custom audio systems of a fine quality and are aesthetically harmonious. This is the reason that drives Belltron to innovate constantly, without ever stopping. The company invests resources and energy in research, design and development of new technologies that represent the highest level of innovation in this market.

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