Date: September 19, 2017

In the beginning the aim of the sound of the bells gave a regular pattern to the Christian people's day-to-day life, from dawn to dusk, through the recital of the Ave Maria and Angelus.

Every single bell chime favoured the ritual function of prayer within the community.

One of the key symbols of bells is for them to represent the Word of God. Bells have always rung, but to do so, they require the help of man; the body of Christ, or, more liable, the Christian community. Over the years, and thanks to new technologies, the bell-ringers tradition has moved on to use bell controllers or digital bells. Lately, the design of new churches doesn’t even plan a bell tower anymore so the priests and their community all face the need to overcome the lack of bell-ringers and / or real bells.

Belltron has always listened to the needs of the Christian community and ever since way back has designed the latest generation of digital technologies to meet the needs of the parish priests. Whether there be a bell tower with halted bells or a Church that has no bell tower, Belltron provides the best solutions to draw the attention of the community to prayer through a welcoming and traditional way.

To start with, linear motors or rotary motors managed by simple or more sophisticated cast bell controllers according to specific requirements can be used to enliven the church bell sounds or, for churches without bell towers, Belltron can provide the latest generation of digital carillons to reproduce high-fidelity bell sounds and chimes. In fact, many of the congregations have the impression that they are listening to a bell concert played with ancient techniques. Both the cast bell controllers and digital carillons are also useful systems for programming and controlling various service programs too.

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