Belltron Digital Organ: music and singing for the liturgy

Date: January 07, 2014

Religious experience, in different cultures, is a living context of socialization and expression of a cultural identity. The contribution of Belltron in dealing with the music within the liturgy is essential in places where there are no organs or persons willing to play liturgical music. Using this system, the congregation is free to follow the ecclesiastical and ceremonial functions of the priest and focus on the sacredness of the mass.

The clear and effective sound of music and  singing  are an important part of the devotion of the congregation. With the new and increasingly sophisticated technologies made by Belltron, valuble  results can be obtained to enliven  and create a strong understanding  between the celebrant and the congregation. Singing and liturgical music can be sustained and, where necessary, be replaced by the Belltron digital electronic organ and liturgical player SM9950, a technological product realized thanks to Belltron’s musical capabilities and following a careful study of the mechanisms of communication within religious contexts.

Singing and liturgical music of the Western tradition sees a prevalence to written music as opposed to singing. The clergy is the first to have noticed this and has consequently given their congregations (who for the most part have no particular musical knowledge) an approach to the music world. This is where the use of the Belltron electronic digital organ can be a valuable and useful instrument to set the right tone of the melody to be sung.

The SM 9950 can be used as:
•    a faithful reproducer of true pipe organ sounds by setting the available registers and presets;
•    a liturgic music player for separate voice and organ sound reproduction.

The ability to connect the Belltron electronic digital organ to midi keyboards or to keyboards belonging to un-used organs allows the recording of songs created personally by the organist of the parish.

The Belltron electronic digital organ  gives a particular tone to the notes and the pleasure aroused by the words of the songs enhance the joy of the congregation bringing the Divine into the hearts of all.

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